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Preface to Portfolio (Details)


Focusing on successful demonstration of A1 and A2 on the UKPSF with amplified consideration of A2 by focusing on the use of technologies to develop learning as well as a commitment to professional values in developing student learning through inclusive practice, this portfolio is constructed of three pages containing specific pieces of evidence in order to substantiate that I have met Descriptor 1 of the UKPSF. Whilst acknowledging metrics used within HE (student feedback, module design etc.), within these pages I talk about how I have made use of innovative approaches in my teaching strategy with regards to these metrics.

Three examples of my teaching practice are put forward as case studies evidencing different aspects of A1 and A2 and activities within my practice are mapped to the codes of the UKPSF. Each page focuses upon a specific teaching session (discussed in time-chronological order) that I planned and delivered at Loughborough University during 2015-2016 and emphasises discussion around critical incidents focused on the areas of activity of the UKPSF. This is in order to enable evidence to be drawn together in support and provide a useful and practical approach to developing personal reflective teaching and learning. By doing so, I aim to theorise, articulate and demonstrate how I have engaged with aspects of pedagogy and how this has caused important reimaginings to the possibilities of my research and subsequently practice. I aim to show through the contents of the evidence presented and discussion thereof, how I have actively sought to develop my research and teaching in order to positively impact upon the student learning experience and also be of benefit to other academics.

Reflective practice is a key area that underpins what I do; I have developed my own framework entitled Anticipation, Action and Analysis (I expand upon discussion of this on Page Three). Each page of the portfolio refers to the teaching session in question by using this framework to initiate discussion within the narrative account contained on each page. On the first page, discussion is given to a teaching session that emphasised the usage of collaborative learning processes and led me to think more critically about generating an inclusive practice. The second page emphasises discussion about my usage of technology in the classroom in order to improve student digital literacy and the third hones in on discussion of a session that encouraged students to be critical thinkers and reflective practitioners.

Examples of Key Evidence Presented in relation to UKPSF Dimension Codes (Details)

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UKPSF Dimensions (Details)

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Descriptor 1: Associate Fellow (Details)

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